US President Donald Trump's Twitter account has been permanently suspended.

Iran Press/America: Twitter has permanently suspended the account of the US President for violating the rules and frameworks of this network.

The messenger network said in a statement: "After carefully reviewing recent tweets from Donald Trump's account and the context surrounding them - specifically how they were received and interpreted on Twitter and beyond - we suspended the account forever because of the risk of provoking further violence."

The president's Twitter account had more than 88 million followers, and Twitter had previously flagged messages that their truth and authenticity were unknown.

Earlier, Twitter warned that it would block Trump's account if he continues to do so.

Yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg issued a statement announcing the blocking of Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Trump's last message on Twitter was a video recorded 24 hours after his supporters attacked Congress, calling for calm.

For the past four years, Trump has used Twitter instead of the official executive system, as dismissals and appointments of his administration were posted on this social media page.

The President of the United States also used this page to react and take a stand on domestic and foreign issues and always called the  American media fake. 219