Semnan (IP) - On the second day of the drone exercise of Iran's Army, homemade drone 'Karrar' carried out the aerial interception od explosion of hypothetical enemy targets.

Iran Press/Iran News: Firing an 'Azarakh' air-to-air missile, Karrar drone hit an aerial target of low radar cross-section on the second day of the drone exercise on Wednesday. Karar drones' shooting with artillery cargo and destroying aerial enemy targets were among other operational measures carried out in this part of the army's large drone combat exercise.

The destruction of the hypothetical enemy's surface targets, fortifications and, positions with Karrar drones equipped with 500-pound 'MK-82' bombs were also successfully carried.

The deputy commander of operation and spokesman of the drill Rear Admiral Seyyed Mahmoud Mousavi said: "continuous monitoring of borders using ready-to-operate combat drones is another part of the executive measures in the form of large-scale drone combat training of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

The accurate monitoring of borders is carried out through UAV systems equipped with a variety of surveillance cameras, detection, and electronic data collection systems, he noted.

The deputy commander of operation and spokesman of the drill went on to say that a number of army drones successfully conducted the detection of fixed and moving targets along the land borders.

Admiral Mousavi pointed out: "Today, the army of the Islamic Republic of Iran is able to respond to any enemy aggression by using a variety of long-range combat drones and to hit the targets within a range of 2,000 kilometers."

The drone exercise of Iran's Army was held with the participation of hundreds of operational drones of the quartet forces o0f the army in Semnan province's general district, in north-central Iran, and the country's borders on January 5 and 6.


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