Yemen's National Salvation Government officials threatened to bomb Saudi ports in the Red Sea after their oil tankers were blocked from reaching Al-Hudaydah port in Yemen.

Iran PressMiddle East: Foreign Minister of Yemen's National Salvation Government Hisham Abdullah warned that the Houthi militias would carry out revenge attacks on ports of countries that form part of the Saudi-led coalition.

"Sanaa will not stand idle as expected by some," Abdullah said, "if the siege on the Yemeni ports continues, the ports of Yemen's enemies will not remain safe."

In recent months, Saudi ports on the Red Sea have been targeted by the Houthis several times, Al-Khaleej Online said.

"Blocking the oil tankers aggravates the crisis and pushes back any political solution," Abdullah said, pointing out that Saudi's intermittent permission for some tankers to reach Al-Hudaydah port from time to time "contradicts Saudi and UAE claims of offering humanitarian assistance to Yemen."

The Saudi-led Arab anti-Yemeni coalition invaded Yemen on March 26, 2015, to suppress the revolution in Yemen and prevent the Houthi movement from gaining power. US, UK, France, Germany, and some Arab countries have provided military and weapons support to the coalition.

Two months ago, the Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights released statistics on the Saudi coalition's crimes against Yemen from March 2015 to August 2020, confirming the deaths of 16,771 civilians and the wounding of 26,359 others.