Tehran (IP) - Iran's Health Minister said that fortunately in Iran, the third wave of COVID-19 is falling, and the number of infections, death toll, and hospitalizations is declining in Iran.

Iran Press/Iran news: In a press conference on the sidelines of the health plan of 'Qasem Soliemani', Saeed Namaki stated with people, organizations, and medical staff's nonstop cooperation, the coronavirus is easing off, but it does not mean to ignore the health protocols.

Saeed Namaki said that more than 22 thousand and 500 teams with 73,000 active members are implementing the health plan, plus monitoring and support teams are carrying it out perfectly through checking house-quarantine and people's infection and health process.

The Health Minister added: "Today the number of cities that are regarded as red zones are significantly dropping, and it is expected that in coming Saturday the red zones fall to a great extent."

It has been reported that Europe's infection rate is surging because the virus is being mutated with high speed and is getting more dangerous. Hence, it is better and wise to implement all hygienic protocols, he said.

European countries such as Spain, France, and on top of them the US with 3000 death cases per day during the last weeks are having the highest number of infections, stressed the Health Minister.

Though some countries did not let us buy the coronavirus vaccine, Iranians wish them all recovery and saddened with their misery, Iran's Health Minister said. 

Saeed Namaki highlighted: "The main point that I am going to add is that 65 percent of infections happen in gatherings."

The Iranian minister also urged all people not to be in gatherings of Yalda Night celebrations.


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