One of the prominent Japanese artists says Persian calligraphy, like the Persian language, is very attractive and unique.

Iran Press/Asia: In order to introduce the art, culture and civilization of Islam and Iran and the continuation of the series of specialized meetings of the Cultural Attaché Office of the Iranian Embassy in Japan, on Saturday, a virtual meeting and workshop titled "Introducing the art of Iranian calligraphy" was held with more than 150 Japanese enthusiasts.

In this specialized meeting and workshop, Hisako Tsunada, one of the prominent Japanese artists who has been working in the field of Persian language and Iranian calligraphy for about 30 years and also teaches Persian language and literature to Japanese enthusiasts in the cultural attaché office of Iran's embassy in Japan, delivered a lecture and introduced this art.

Hisako Tsunada said the Persian calligraphy, like the Persian language, is very attractive and unique to her, which made her become interested in learning this art.

In another part of this program, Tsunoda beautifully calligraphed some Persian poems and sentences with a pen, and at the end, a beautiful music video introducing various Iranian arts such as calligraphy, painting, woodcarving, engraving, etc. Iranian music was played.


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