Beijing(IP) - Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson in his press conference said that we hope the new US administration would return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and resume compliance as soon as possible and unconditionally.

Iran Press/Iran news: On November 7, Jake Sullivan, President-elect Joe Biden's choice for national security adviser, said the incoming administration wants to put Iran "back into the box" by rejoining the nuclear deal and forcing Tehran to comply with the terms of the agreement. 

Zhao Lijian, in answer to a question about the US upcoming government's stance on JCPOA, said, "China has taken note of the relevant reports. We hope that the new US administration will return to the JCPOA and resume compliance as soon as possible and unconditionally."

"We also the US lift all relevant sanctions, take concrete actions to fulfill its duties, and advance the process of political settlement of the Iranian nuclear issue and safeguard regional peace and stability," Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson highlighted.


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