A mysterious disease that began spreading in Eluru in Andhra Pradesh claimed at least one life from Sunday while 292 others fell sick. It has not been found that what caused the disease that saw people suddenly falling unconscious after suffering from symptoms of fits and nausea.

Iran PressAsia: A 45-year-old man who was admitted to the government general hospital in Vijayawada on Sunday morning with symptoms of nausea and epilepsy died in the evening, India News18 reported.

The majority of the people had recovered within a few minutes but at least seven were shifted to the government hospital on Sunday for better treatment. Special teams of doctors have been rushed to Eluru to treat the victims while a house-to-house survey has been undertaken to identify prospective patients.

Although State officials and state Health Commissioners say that tests established show water contamination was not the cause of the unknown disease, but some MPs and a group of Doctors who visited Eluru to treat the patients say poisonous organic substances could be the most likely cause of the disease and much tests should be done on the drinking water.

Meanwhile, health authorities could not yet establish the cause of the sudden disease, though blood tests and CT scans were performed. The probable cause could become evident only after the culture test results came in. E-coli results were also awaited.


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