Demonstrations turned violent in Paris, despite widespread police and gendarmerie presence and the siege of opponents of the so-called Comprehensive Security Act.

Iran PressEurope: French Police clashed with protesters in Paris as demonstrations over a new French security law turned violent.

As reported by French media, thousands took to the streets of the French capital and other major cities on Saturday to protest President Emmanuel Macron's proposed legislation, which they claim would restrict civil liberties and increase surveillance.

Demonstrators were also marching against police brutality, while officers fired tear gas against people. 

Police misconduct has received fresh attention in France recently after video footage emerged of officers beating up a black man called Michel Zecler as he was arrested in Paris.

Members of the Yellow Vests movement, which shook Macron with protests against economic hardship in France over the winter of 2018-2019, were also prominent in the rally. 219