Further prisoner swap in the interests of everybody: Zarif

Tehran (IP) - Iran is ready to engage in further prisoner swaps, the Iranian Foreign Minister said on Thursday at an Italian diplomatic conference via video-link in Rome.

Iran Press/Iran News: "Iran is ready for further prisoner swaps, we can always engage in that, it is in the interests of everybody, Iran is ready to reciprocate. We can do it tomorrow. We can also do it today, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said at the sixth edition of the Mediterranean Dialogue meeting (MED) on Thursday via a videoconference held in the Italian capital Rome.

Zarif also called the US next administration to show goodwill by returning to a 2015 nuclear deal that US President Donald Trump withdrew his country from.

On 26 November, Iran has released an Australian-British citizen, who was serving a prison sentence for spying for Israel, to secure the release of three Iranians jailed abroad on false charges.

Kylie Moore-Gilbert was freed from Tehran’s Evin prison on Wednesday morning after serving about two years of her 10-year jail term.

Iranian news agencies reported she was swapped for an Iranian businessman and two other nationals incarcerated abroad on delusional accusations.

The three Iranians were detained for attempting to circumvent illegal sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, the reports claimed.

At the time, some media outlets have claimed in recent days that two controversial spies in Iran will soon be exchanged with the United States. Still, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif denies the exchange of two detained spies with the United States, saying that the foreign ministry has offered to exchange all prisoners on both sides in all parts of the world.


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