Araghchi explains details of Iranian, Australian prisoners’ exchange

Tehran (IP) - Explaining the details of the exchange of Iranian and Australian prisoners, the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister said that I was honored to welcome the three released compatriots and after their arrival and expressing their health, the Australian prisoner was ordered to leave.

Iran Press/Iran News: Abbas Araghchi, who was present at the exchange of three Iranian prisoners in Thailand and an Australian-British citizen last week, noted about this exchange: On Wednesday (November 27, 2020) as a result of intensive diplomatic work with Thailand and Australia for more than a year, three Iranian prisoners in Thailand were exchanged for an Australian prisoner in Tehran. 

He added: "This exchange is unique in its kind because three countries were involved in this exchange and a tripartite interaction took place."

"I was at the airport at the time of the exchange for the latest arrangements, as well as to ensure that my colleagues' year of effort and hundreds of hours of political consultation had paid off," Araghchi said.

It should be noted that the exchange of prisoners is a common and accepted practice in international custom and in no way violates the independence of the judiciary. In all countries, after the judicial process is over and the person is sentenced to prison, it is possible to exchange him based on national interests. In our country, this is possible with the approval of the Supreme National Security Council. Other countries have their own routine, he noted.

Over the past year or so, the Iranian Foreign Ministry has conducted at least five prisoner exchanges with the United States (twice), France, Thailand, and Australia (twice), and eight compatriots (including university professors and anti-sanctions activists) were released in front of six foreign prisoners in Iran.


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