Tehran (IP) - A human rights group has released statistics on the deaths of 17,000 Yemeni civilians and the wounding of more than 26,000 others during the Saudi coalition's six years of aggression.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to the news website 'September 26' on Tuesday, 'Huda Al-Emad', the head of the Pioneers of Justice for Development and Rights in Sanaa organization, presented these statistics in an annual report, saying that the Saudi coalition's aggression against Yemeni women and children over the past six years is a complete war crime.

Al-Emad added that these statistics include the direct and indirect invasion of Yemen by the Saudi coalition and the brutal siege of the country, which has led to killings, displacement, and crisis in the level of health, education, and nutrition services of the Yemeni people, and other consequences and psychological and social damages.

The number of women killed during the Saudi coalition's six-year aggression in Yemen was 2,381, and the number of women injured was 2,780, according to the report.

In six years, 3,790 Yemeni children were killed and 4,089 were injured in attacks by the Saudi aggression coalition.

Saudi Arabia, with the support of the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and several other countries, has launched a military offensive against Yemen since March 2015 and imposed a land, sea, and air blockade on the country.


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