Tehran (IP) - Iranian President called one of the great manifestations of the victory of the Iranian nation the enemy's decisive defeat in the economic war at the end of the Trump era and expressed hope that the next US administration condemns Trump's policies.

Iran Press/Iran news: Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday in a meeting of the cabinet congratulated the day of Basij and the anniversary of the decree of Imam Khomeini in 1979 said: Basij plays an important role in all times and during the holy defense and Basij is one of the important relics of Imam that we can always use it to maintain independence, national interests, the growth and development of the country and to support the people.

When unfavorable conditions such as earthquakes and floods occur, the President noted that one of the forces that rush to the scene quickly is the Basij. We hope that they will be able to continue their services to these noble people of the country day by day.

Rouhani thanked the Iranian people for their resistance against the enemies and said: "The Iranian people were able to succeed in the face of economic sanctions. We had two holy defenses, one an 8-year holy defense against the Saddam regime and the other a holy defense against the Trump economic war, which we won in both wars.

President Rouhani added: "In the first war, our nation was only against the East and the West. We were alone in the second war, and no one helped us. These soldiers were the front line of the Holy Front of the economy, the farmers, the workers, the exporters, and the people who resisted and led us to victory.

Rouhani pointed out that one of the great manifestations of the Iranian nation's victory and the inevitable defeat of the enemy in this economic war during the Trump era. The man who committed the worst crimes in history against independent governments and nations like Iran and Palestine.

 The president noted, "The reasons for his failure were his wrong foreign policies, his wrong health policies, and his racist actions and his unreliability for everyone. Both for outside and inside. He continued the path of demagogy and populism and thanked God that this evil was cut off from the American people and the region's people.

Rouhani said that the future US administration must do great things in the face of all the actions that tarnished the image of the United States and make up for some of the past mistakes.

 "We hope that the next administration will, in its first steps, explicitly condemn Trump's policies and actions against human rights and terrorism, and make up for the wrong policies of the previous administration over the past four years," he said.

The President added: "The policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as we have repeatedly emphasized, is commitment to commitment, action to action, reduction of tension to reduction of tension, respect to respect, international obligations versus international obligations."


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