The spokesman for the Palestinian Resistance Committees emphasized that in the case of the continuation of the Zionists' attacks on the Gaza Strip, Resistance groups will give a resounding response.

Iran Press/Middle East: As the Israeli army continues to escalate tensions, it targeted areas of the Gaza Strip several times on Sunday morning.

"If the Zionist regime continues its aggression in Gaza, we will respond appropriately," Abu Mujahid, a spokesman for the Palestinian Resistance Committees, told Al-Mayadin.

He added: "Our message is clear; We will never allow the equation that the Palestinian resistance has created over the years to be shattered."

Abu Mujahid continued: "The resistance knows that the occupying Israeli regime is in an internal crisis and is trying to export it to Gaza."

Israel is witnessing anti-Benjamin Netanyahu demonstrations every Saturday following the widespread Coronavirus pandemic in the occupied territories and rising inflation.

Netanyahu's inability to deal with Corona and his various corruption cases has also severely diminished the popularity of the Likud party.