Herat (IP) - Iran’s famous director who also is one of the members of the Jury for the 6th edition of Herat International Women’s Film Festival (HIWFF) said that a wide range of Afghan youth especially women have now turned to cinema.

Iran Press/Asia: Narges Abyar told Iran Press that despite the good customs in Afghanistan, Cinema is not that much welcomed by the majority.

Referring to existing good cultural commonalities and backgrounds between Afghanistan and Iran, Abyar expressed hope that all the products made by Afghan filmmakers including documentaries, long and short movies would be seen and the Afghan Television network would cooperate to screen them.

The 6th Herat International Women's Film Festival was held in Kabul attended by an Iranian female Juror at the historic Daralaman Palace.

The event was aimed at developing an Afghan women's cinema. More than 3,000 films from different countries competed in the 6th edition of HIWFF.


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