The Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister said that there will be no change in Iran's transit routes to Armenia or the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Iran Press/ Iran news: Seyed Abbas Araghchi, Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister on Friday, denied allegations such as cutting Iran's border with Armenia, creating a corridor inside Armenia or even inside Iran, and changing the geopolitics of the region, said: "such news is not based on reality and is propagated for specific political and propaganda purposes."

He added: "What is stated in the Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire agreement is the creation of a road corridor, or rather a transit route inside Armenia from Nakhchivan to the mainland of Azerbaijan, the security of which will be guaranteed by Russia and its exact route is still unknown."

This is not a new idea and its design has a long history, and if implemented, it will not change the transit routes of Iran to Armenia or the Republic of Azerbaijan, Araghchi added.