Regarding the situation of the JCPOA with the coming to power of the new US administration, the Iranian Foreign Minister said that everything depends on the behavior of the United States and we are waiting for their actions.

Iran Press/Asia: "The future status of the nuclear deal depends on the behavior of the United States," Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Tuesday evening as he arrived in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad.

Regarding the victory of Joe Biden in the US presidential election, he added: "Characters are certainly important, but what is important is the behavior and actions, and the Islamic Republic is waiting to see these actions from the new US administration."

"We have ongoing talks with Pakistan, as a very special neighbor, and these consultations are held periodically," Zarif told reporters about the purpose of the trip to Islamabad.

Referring to the delay in the ongoing talks between the two countries due to the coronavirus pandemic, he said: "Today, we are very pleased to have the opportunity to visit Islamabad again."

The Iranian Foreign Minister said: "We will discuss issues such as bilateral relations, border, regional and international cooperation, including Afghanistan, with our Pakistani friends."

He stressed: "The situation in the Islamic world is a common issue and concern of Tehran and Islamabad, and both countries are following it sensitively in the face of the normalization of relations between some countries and the Israeli regime."

Zarif added: "Consultations continue in the discussion of global issues, Iran and Pakistan have always cooperated closely with each other and at the current opportunity, this cooperation needs to be examined."

Optimal use of Iran-Pakistan capacities

Zarif regarding the current level of relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan, especially in the economic and trade fields, said: "We are satisfied with these relations, but we believe that the capacities of the two countries are beyond the current situation."

He stressed that the capacities of the two neighboring countries, especially in the field of trade, are more than what Iran and Pakistan have been able to use.

Foreign Minister, in response to the conspiracy to normalize relations with the Israeli regime by some countries in the region, said: "This visit provides us with an opportunity to exchange views and agree with the Pakistani brothers."

He added: "We are facing the next meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Niger, so it is necessary to adopt common views and positions against the compromise plan with the Israeli regime."

According to this report; The Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran arrived in the capital Islamabad to head a political and economic delegation to consult with high-ranking Pakistani officials.

During the two-day visit, Zarif will meet with Prime Minister Imran Khan, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi and Army Commander General Qamar Javid Bajwa.


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