Tehran (IP) - The chairman of Iran's Islamic Culture and Communication Organization said the French magazine's insult to the Holy Prophet of Islam and the French President Macron's rude support of it is an example of modern ignorance.

Iran PressIran news: The emergence of extremist groups in the world is an example of the ignorance that can shape a very bitter future, said Abouzar Ebrahimi-Torkaman.

He said, once in France, the law as a knowledge flourished, and many countries adopted it to form their constitutions, but now officials in Paris are mongering hate. 

"A magazine did an ugly thing, and the President defend it instead of condemning that, hurting the emotions of 1.5 billion people. Isn't it modern ignorance?" he asked.

He warned that if the Muslim countries ignore such blasphemies, they cannot stand against other insults in the future, stressing that the French government must pay the price for its hostile act.

The chairman of Iran's Islamic Culture and Communication Organization made the remarks on Tuesday in the webinar 'Challenges of Contemporary World: Hatemongering, Extremism, Terrorism, Islamophobia.’


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