2020 election updates:
Newsweek: Secret Service will escort Trump out, if he refuse to leave the White House

Newsweek magazine reported that if Donald Trump refuses to step down in January, the Secret Service would oust him from the White House.

Iran PressAmerica: According to Newsweek, a former US official and two experts have told the magazine that if Biden wins the election and Trump refuses to accept the result and leave the White House, the Secret Service would be the ones to do it.

"The Secret Service would escort him off, they would treat him like any old man who'd wandered on the property," one former official involved in the transition process between former President Barak Obama and Trump told Newsweek.

Former US Navy intelligence and counter-terrorism specialist Malcolm Nance also told Newsweek: "The transition process is automated. There is no 'do-it-yourself' move," So if he doesn't have a designated place, they'll decide for him. Basically, the systematic things will happen whether he's a willing participant or not."

Trump also loses his commander-in-chief status, meaning the Pentagon cannot and will not come to his aid should Biden be sworn in.https://iranpress.com/search/%20Biden

As an early lead began to slip on election night, Donald Trump prematurely declared victory, even as former Vice President Joe Biden appeared set to win thanks to an influx of mail-in ballots, received early but counted last in key states.

Trump has since claimed the race was rigged and shows no sign of conceding, leading the Biden campaign to consider outcomes previously thought to be only the most radical.

Currently, Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate in the 2020 US presidential election, is ahead of Trump in the electoral vote counting.

Each candidate must get at least 270 electoral votes to reach the White House.


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