Tehran (IP) - Head of Iran's Anti-Narcotics Police said that if European countries do not cooperate in fighting against narcotics, at least they should not create obstacles.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking in a press conference on Wednesday, Head of Iran's Anti-Narcotics Police (ANP) Colonel Majid Karimi stressed that the forces of some extra-regional countries are present in Afghanistan under the pretext of fighting against narcotics and terrorism, but the production of narcotics has increased 50 times more so far. 

He also explained the Anti-narcotics police strategies in preventing the development of drug trafficking.

Colonel Karimi added that strengthening, developing, equipping, and utilizing facilities to identify and destroy networks, gangs, and the main agents of drug trafficking in the country, regionally and, internationally are among the strategies of law enforcement in fighting against drug trafficking.

"The development of special units and single units at border entry and exit points is another strategy of the anti-narcotics police," Karimi stated.

He noted that 650,000 kilograms of narcotics have been discovered by the police, and 106 key elements of drug trafficking and distributors have been identified and arrested since the beginning of the Iranian year (starting on March 21).

"The anti-narcotics police have been 28% more successful in detecting narcotics this year compared to last year," the colonel said.

Referring to the use of cyberspace by traffickers to sell narcotics, he stated that a plan was implemented throughout the country and about 181 Telegram and Instagram pages were identified and introduced to judicial authorities for follow-up.

Colonel Karimi added: "With the coronavirus outbreak and in compliance with health protocols, we held meetings with neighboring countries to continue the activities of arresting narcotics gangs."

"We had meetings with the UN, the Chief of the Anti-Narcotics Police of Afghanistan, Turkey, and Qatar. In the coming weeks, we will have meetings with the officials of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Pakistan," he concluded.


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