Ardabil (IP) - The extinction of the endangered Iranian red deer known as Maral has led to tourism development while preserving the environment in the Fandoughlou forests Namin tourist zone in Ardabil province northwestern Iran.

Iran PressIran News: Studies and evaluations of the Department of Environment of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2009 led to establishing a site for the restoration and conservation of endangered species of red deer (Maral) in an area of ​​8 hectares of Fandoughlou forests.

Preservation of biodiversity, the sustainability of the region's ecosystem, and forest and rangeland potentials in the forests of Fandoughlou caused the transfer and release of 12 Maral species to revive this endangered species in the area.

The preserving and breeding of Marals in the Fandoughlou tourist area have been very successful, so much so that in the past few years, the red deer population has multiplied to 30 by the protections.

In addition to helping preserve the region's biodiversity, the move has attracted tourists and nature lovers.

Fandoughlou forests are located 10 km from the Namin city of Ardabil province, which is approximately 25 km long and is a continuation of the subtropical forests of Gilan province.


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