Tehran (IP) - A faculty member of Allameh University said that terrorism is condemned everywhere in any form with the help of anyone, and it is the enemy of humanity.

Iran Press/Iran News: Heibatollah Najandimanesh in a meeting of the Association for the Defense of Victims of Terrorism added that many countries know that the United Nations' actions are based on discrimination.

He stressed that the United Nations should not take a one-sided position on the issue of terrorism.

Heibatollah Najandimanesh noted that the Security Council can be political, but it should not be politicized in order to lose its credibility and to be considered as a toy of a particular country.

The United Nations must condemn the double standards taken by the United States and the European Union, he highlighted.

Referring to war crimes in Yemen, he clarified that weapons sent to Yemen from European countries, including Italy, Spain, and France, for murder were among the issues that the UN did not pay attention to it.

Meeting of the Association for the Defense of Victims of Terrorism held on Saturday in Tehran, on the occasion of UN Day entitled "75 Years with the United Nations" to review the history, current situation and future prospects of the United Nations in the presence of human rights figures and families affected by terrorism.


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