Iranian Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts announced that visa-free travel for group tours between Iran and Russia includes tour groups of 5 to 50 people.

"Visa waiver program is not implemented on individuals, but includes tour groups of 5 to 50 people," said Iran's Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and HandicraftsAli Asghar Mounesan.

He added: "Currently, there is no plan to implement the individual visa waiver program between the two countries."

Highlighting the common cultural resources of Iran and Russia regarding the tourism capacity of the two countries, Mounesan said: "Close distance and short travel time are among advantages of traveling between the two countries."

Iran's Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts went on to say that the country has a great diversity of climates, high sunshine which is low in the amount in Russia, excellent islands and coasts, famous deserts, including "Lut Desert" as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with active desert tours, mountains, and forests, together with the culture and history create a strong complex to attract Russian tourists.


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