Tehran(IP)- The Italian ambassador to Iran, Giuseppe Perrone says that COVID-19 can only be defeated with solidarity and unity. 

Iran PressIran News: "As you all know the whole world is in a challenging situation by the coronavirus outbreak," the ambassador noted.

He made the remarks at a ceremony to introduce him as the new ambassador of Italy to Tehran.
The Italian envoy pointed out that initially have thought that the virus is containable and would soon decline but that is yet to happen. 

Ambassador Perrone further pointed out that the infection rate is increasing in the world particularly in Iran and Italy.

The medical staff are the main ones who are fighting the disease, Perrone stressed. 

Across Iran mainly in Tehran, the COVID-19 restrictions have returned, so the health protocols must be implemented thoroughly, he reiterated.  

Elsewhere, Christoph Hamelmann, WHO Representative to Tehran stated that the situation is dire not only in Iran but the whole world and all are engaged in efforts to contain the coronavirus. 

In Iran the medical staff are in the front line to combat the coronavirus, they sacrifice their lives to fight the virus even some lost their lives amid the pandemic, he said.

Iran has a long history in traditional medicine by which to contain the disease, added Christoph Hamelmann.
Speaking during the event, the Iranian deputy health minister Mohsen Asadi Lari said all can combat and defeat the virus only by unity and togetherness. 

Mohsen Asadi Lari stressed that all health protocols must be implemented at the regional and international levels to contain the disease.

Iranian deputy health minister added that people are urged to follow the health protocols and take them as seriously as possible.

Participants at the event also discussed the cultural programs of this embassy regarding the highlighting Iran-Italy cultural issues, as well as the series of cultural affairs, change of lifestyle based on COVID-19 was held at Tehran on 22nd October 2020.

The event was attended by foreign and Iranian officials.


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Solidarity, unity contain COVID-19: Italian Amb.
Solidarity, unity contain COVID-19: Italian Amb.
Solidarity, unity contain COVID-19: Italian Amb.