Tehran (IP) - Head of the Majlis Economic Commission said that US sanctions against 18 Iranian banks are more psychological and political show off rather than being practical.

Iran Press/Iran news: On the sidelines of Wednesday’s parliament meeting, Mohammadreza Pourebrahimi in an exclusive interview with Iran press said, "As the United States tries to impose sanctions on Iran,  we know how to use various methods."

The MP added that public and private banks have been blacklisted for a long time and Iran tries to use other capacities like bilateral and multilateral contracts.

Pourebrahimi noted, "Using the common currency in economic transactions like Swift is also another possible way as we started with Russia and China. Although using these ways is time and money consuming, we can still continue common cooperation with other countries in economic issues."

Pourebrahimi also told journalists that Majlis has reached an agreement with the minister of industry, mine, and trade so that government-prescribed prices will be eliminated since it has nothing except corruption.

"If an item entered the stock market, it should be taken out of the government-prescribed cycle," he highlighted.

Restrictions for companies which are active in both export and stock market will be lifted by the central bank, the MP concluded.