Iran (IP) - The Commander of Iran's Navy Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi referred to the lifting of the country's arms embargo, saying that today, the army's navy has no need to buy weapons, and we consider the arms embargo a joke for the Navy.

Iran PressIran News: According to the public relations of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi stated: "At one time we felt a great need for spare parts and weapons, and we were looking for a country that would give us torpedoes and cannons and weapons or the art of building a vessel. But today I dare say that in the Navy, the lifting or continuation of the arms embargo is not effective because we made everything we wanted from all kinds of cannons, torpedoes, and vessels."

He went on to emphasize the important issue of torpedoes in naval weapons, saying: "Until a few years ago, we had a long hand to buy torpedoes from somewhere, but with the arrival of indigenous torpedoes and their successful testing, this need has been completely met. Today, this indigenous Iranian torpedo, which was tested for the first time in 2017, has achieved a multiplier ability, and in terms of torpedo range, destruction and accuracy, it has made significant progress. We even determined the caliber of our torpedoes to have tactical capability instead of fruitless and costly variety, and that is why we can use the same indigenous torpedo for all three types of Iranian submarines out of which a heavy sample is not our own."

In response to a question on the status of Iran in terms of arms sales, Rear Admiral Khanzadi reiterated: "In terms of sales, the Ministry of Defense is the main axis, and when we build a prototype of a product in the self-sufficiency jihad of the Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Army, we give it to the Ministry of Defense to produce in mass and sell it if it wants."

He emphasized: "Our products are at a high level of quality and price attractiveness, and there is a very high possibility that they will be successful in competing with foreign models."


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