Prominent Japanese Iranologist:

In line with the introducing the culture and civilization of Iran and Islam and in the continuation of the series of specialized meetings of the Cultural Attache's Office of the Iranian Embassy in Japan, a ceremony to commemorate ancient Iranian poet ‘Hafez’ was held in Tokyo, Japan, in a webinar on Sunday.

Iran Press/ Asia: Professor Emiko Okada, the first Japanese to have a Ph.D. in Persian Literature from the University of Tehran, addressed the ceremony, while 150 Japanese enthusiasts were in attendance.
Referring to his presence and education in Iran and his many interests in this country and its people, Professor Okada said: "Hafez is the greatest pearl that shines and the Iranian people are familiar with his poems, personality and poetry collection." They are very interested in his poems, he has deep relations with their lives, they visit his tomb in Shiraz and usually, in all Iranian houses there is a 'Divan of Hafez' which is a sign of their interest in poetry and literature."


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