Tehran (IP) - Yamani ambassador to Tehran on Friday expressed that the release of Yemeni prisoners from Saudi mercenary prisons is a basic step in the success of the resistance in the region.

Iran PressIran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on the sidelines of the 5th International Convention of Expatriate Mujahideen meeting, 'Ibrahim Mohammad Mohammad al-Deilami' added that some of these prisoners have been imprisoned for more than 5 years and their release makes the Mujahideen proud.

Yamani ambassador to Tehran noted that the release of the captives and their return to Yemen shows the victory of the people after more than 5 consecutive years of aggression against Yemen.

The 5th International Convention of Expatriate Mujahideen meeting held on Friday with foreign and Iranian officials in attendance in Tehran.

On Thursday, the first group of freed Yemeni prisoners of the Army and Popular Committees arrived at Sana'a International Airport after a prisoners swap between the Houthi Ansarallah movement and the Saudi-backed side as part of a peace deal brokered by the United Nations in Stockholm back in 2018.

Houthi Ansarallah movement resolved to swap some 15,000 detainees with the Saudi-backed side as part of an UN-brokered initiative in 2018.


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First group of freed Yemeni prisoners arrives at Sana’a