Tehran(IP)- Deputy Commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps Brigadier General Mohammad Hejazi said that the US presidential candidate admitted that the US is declining with Trump's behaviors.

Iran Press/Iran news: Delivering a speech in the 5th International Convention of Expatriate Mujahedeen meeting, General Hejazi added that racial discrimination, the suicide of American soldiers, statistics of divorce and other internal problems in the United States reflect the US situation.

Pointing out to the fact that the United States is facing many domestic problems, including moral and economic decline, he clarified that the United States is also isolated in the international arena and its allies have left the US alone.

He stated that criminal Trump claims that his brutal actions have led to the security of the United States, if the US has become safer with the assassination of Martyr Soleimani, why are American forces scared of their bases around the world and try to flee countries like Afghanistan?

General Hejazi highlighted that the path of resistance always continues, and what has proven so far is that the resistance front will always be victorious and the enemies will be destroyed.

Muslim nations are opposed to the normalization of Arab relations with the Zionist regime, and even the people of Arab countries are dissatisfied with the actions of their rulers, he stated.

Referring to the fact that the achievements of the various areas of the Resistance Front are due to the jihad and self-sacrifice of the resistance forces, Hejazi concluded that the resistance front will soon achieve victory and dignity.


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