Tehran (IP): The Governor of Iran Central Bank Abdul Nasser Hemmati stated that an agreement had been reached with the Central Bank and Commercial Bank of Iraq to release Iran's financial resources.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Governor of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Abdul Nasser Hemmati, referring to his useful consultations with the Iraqi officials, said, "An agreement has been reached with the Central Bank, and the Commercial Bank of Iraq on the release of our country's financial resources to buy basic goods for the country."

Abdul Nasser Hemmati considered his joint meeting with the Governor of Iraq Central Bank Mustafa Ghalib Makhif and the Governor of Iraq Commercial Bank Salem Javad Abdul Hadi Al-Chalabi crucial at this moment, noting that during the meeting, a detailed discussion was held on trade exchanges.

Hemmati noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran has significant financial resources in Iraqi banks due to electricity and gas exports to it. According to the CBI governor, the Iraqi Prime Minister has been satisfied with the agreement.

Hemmati expressed hope that as a result of these agreements, positive steps in developing economic and banking relations with Iraq's friendly country would be taken.


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