The issue of restoration of sanctions against Iran won’t be discussed anymore by the United Nations Security Council, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN said.

Iran PressEurope: "What definitely won’t happen is the discussion of the issue of the so-called snapback (the procedure of restoration of the UNSC sanctions against Iran," Vasily Nebenzya stressed in an interview with TASS at the beginning of the Russian presidency of the Security Council in October.

"Permanent representatives of the UNSC member states and my predecessors at the post of the Council’s president have already unambiguously commented on the illegitimacy of any American efforts in this regard," the diplomat added.

He also said that "considering the development of the situation in the Persian Gulf a serious discussion is expected about the security system in that region."

In August, the US addressed a letter to the UNSC demanding to restore the sanctions against Iran because of its alleged violation of provisions of the nuclear deal. 13 out of 15 members of the Council voted against it, as a result, the Security Council’s President as well as the UN Secretary-General made a decision that the procedure to restore the sanctions is impossible.