Tehran (IP) - Uraman photo exhibition kicked off on Thursday evening in Tehran (Khane Honarmandan) to show the beauties of the Uraman tourist destination.

Iran PressIran News: The photo exhibition kicked off with the Deputy Minister of Culture, Heritage, and Tourism Mohammad Hossein Talebian, Secretary-General of National Commission of UNESCO Hojatollah Ayoubi, and Hesam Mahmoud Mahdi, Evaluator of Global Registration, in attendance.

In the opening ceremony, Talebian referred to the beauties and attractions of Uraman and said that people must know the values of the region.

"Every region regarding its strong culture is like a university that has a lot to learn," he added.

Talebian also noted that people had an important role in introducing the tourist hub.

Hesam Mahmoud Mahdi, one of the other participants, referred to his visit to the area, saying: "If I had not visited Uraman, I would have not believed these photos, but now I can say that the beauties of Uraman are more than what is in the photos."

"Uraman is full of human beauties, too," he added.


Uramanat or Hawraman, which is on the agenda of the UNESCO World Heritage List, in terms of architecture and landscape, is a beautiful cultural heritage in the west of the country and can be presented to the world.

Uramanat as a tourist hub includes 300 villages. The area itself is 100,000 km and the area around it is 300,000 km, which has a total area of 400,000 km and is spread in the two provinces of Kermanshah and Kurdistan in western Iran.

By: Neda Sajjadi