President Rouhani commemorated the great martyrs of the Islamic Revolution, the Holy Defence and Shrine Defenders, saying: “Martyrs have a high status and have marked very important points in the history of the Islamic Revolution and the Sacred Defence era”.

Speaking at the 11th Congress for Praising Veterans, specifically Martyrs of the campaign to liberate Khorramshahr late on Thursday, President Hassan Rouhani said: “Ramadan is the month of divine mercy and paradise”.

He also said: “We must appreciate decisive moments of our lives. Imam Ali (PBUH) fought against enemies in the Battle of the Trench, but his action in the battlefield was decisive”.

“The Iranian nation and other Islamic nations and leaders sometimes are faced with important, decisive moments and must take a decisive action and make a decision,” continued Rouhani.

The President also went on to say: “Martyrs of the Islamic Revolution and the Holy Defence have all had an important role in the history of the Revolution and defended the country’s dignity, people and values”.

Stating that if it were not for the self-sacrifice and devotion of the martyrs and warriors, we wouldn’t know what would have happened to our country, he continued: “In the recent years, you have seen how terrorists in Iraq and Syria treated people”.

“If a nation has wealth and highly-populated country, but is submissive against a superpower, it will not go anywhere,” added the President.

He also referred to the new US President calling the people of Saudi Arabia a “milking cow”, adding: “Wealth and good life is highly valuable for the people of a country but above that is their place and dignity”.

 Dr Rouhani also said: “Today, the Iranian nation is known as a great nation in the world, because it has defended against enemies alone by relying on God, the Prophet and Imams”.

Saying that during the Holy Defence era the West and the East were against us and they gave our enemies all kinds of assistance, he said: “The Iranian nation was very oppressed in this 8 years of war and our warriors resisted alone, marking a lot of days of honour”.

“In the Liberation of Khorramshahr, the entire Iranian nation, including the Army, IRGC, Basij, local people, and the Police worked hard,” he said, adding that the message of the day of Liberation of Khorramshahr was that Iran is invincible.

He continued: “Whatever the government does for the great families of martyrs and veterans is a simple appreciation of the great work they did for the country by sacrificing their children”.