The coronavirus pandemic has now claimed one million lives around the globe, according to the latest official death tolls, with more than 33 million infection cases.

Iran PressAmerica: The milestone was passed shortly after the UK government on Sunday announced a further 17 deaths.

In total, 1,000,207 people have died according to Worldometer, which calculates the totals from sources including governments.

The Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre, which also calculates global totals, was reporting a figure of 995,190.

Since the first-known cases emerged at a Wuhan wet market in December 2019, the pattern of life has been drastically, perhaps in some ways irrevocably, altered the world over.

World sports, live entertainment, and international travel ground to a halt as fans, audiences, and tourists were forced to stay at home, kept inside by strict measures imposed to curb the virus spread.


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