Tehran (IP) - Saeed Namaki, Iran's Health Minister stated that the University of Traditional Medicine for the first time in Iran's history has been established and medical professors from all over the world are going to be invited.

Iran Press/Iran newsNamaki underlined that traditional medicine is one of the foundations of treatment and medicine.

Iran's health minister noted that for greater productivity, traditional medicine needs to be updated in the framework of medical science.

Iranian medical students are urged to get acquainted with traditional Iranian medicine culture and get to know scientists like Abu Ali Sina, (Avicenna) whose books and methods are being taught at universities around the world, Namaki stressed.

The inauguration ceremony of the pilot project for the integration of Traditional Iranian Medicine in the health care system of Ardakan city of Yazd province was held on Thursday morning, September 24, 2020.

It has been aimed to be a model for other health networks in the country and introducing TIM as an integral part of the country's long-standing culture with Iran's Health Minister Saeed Namaki and other medical officials in attendance at the Health Ministry via video conferencing.


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