Tehran (IP) - The head of Nowruz World Institute and Secretary-General of Nowruz World Foundation says Iran offers its cultural and moral stability to humanity by the message of the Arrow of Peace.

Iran PressIran News: Today, the world is looking for national identity, but Iran is proud of the Arash the Archer’s arrow of peace to provide cultural and moral stability to humanity, Amir Abdipour added in the unveiling ceremony of the Arrow of Peace on Sunday. 

“Arash's arrow is a sign of Iran's wisdom and we are proud to have such national support,” Abdipour said.

He further highlighted Nowruz and Cylinder of the Cyrus the Great as moral and cultural symbols of Iran in the world.

Abdipour stressed that by unveiling the arrow, Iran shows that Iranians are also seeking peace and defensive peace on the battlefield.

“We are now witnessing that amid the outbreak of coronavirus, the result of Zakariya al-Razi’s efforts in discovering alcohol is effective in fighting coronavirus,” he noted, pointing to the scientific background of Iran.

He concluded that the Peace Arrow shows that the warriors and the army of Iran have been seeking for peace since ancient times.

In the ceremony, an expert of international relations and Former Representative of Iran to the UN Professor Bavand also said that maintaining international peace and security is important for all philanthropists in the world and Arash's role in the Iran-Turan war led to lasting peace in the Iranian legend.

'Arash the Archer' is one of the messengers of peace in the history of Iran, who lost his life by throwing his arrow to mark the border between Iran and Turan in order to establish peace between the two countries.

The unveiling of the Arrow of Peace was held on Sunday, on the occasion of World Peace Day, in Tehran.


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