As stated there is no snapback in UNSC resolution 2231, Iran's foreign minister emphasized that the United States knows its claim of reinstating Security Council sanctions against Iran is false,

Iran Press/Iran News: Referring to the failed US efforts to reverse previous Security Council resolutions against Iran, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said: "The Americans themselves know that their claim in this regard is false; and in this context, they are trying to use bullying to advance their goals and as they have claimed they will boycott anyone who sells weapons to Iran."

Iranian Foreign Minister added: "This claim by the United States also shows that they themselves do not believe that they can reinstate the sanctions."

Zarif stressed: "Americans claim that at the end of 30 days the resolutions will be reinstated, but they themselves know that their claim is false", adding: the Americans knew this was not going to happen and thus they used their bullying method and said that we would impose sanctions on anyone who sells weapons to Iran. This statement shows that Americans do not believe that resolutions will be reinstated.

Regarding the arms embargo on Iran, Zarif said: "We in the armed forces were able to be self-sufficient in many cases, UN restrictions will be lifted from October, and from now on we will meet our needs with countries that maintain strategic relations, adding: "We have never been a major buyer of armaments as compared to that states of the Persian Gulf, even Iran can export armaments. 

Referring to some of US Secretary of State Pompeo's allegations about Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and efforts to reinstate Security Council sanctions against Iran, Zarif said: "These remarks show that Pompeo did not read JCPOA and only read the interviews as if he was waiting for nuclear deal's film to see it and understand what JCPOA is in fact.

Referring to the US threats to implement the 1929 resolution, Zarif continued: "In my opinion, the Americans' statements in this regard are more of a political gesture, and if the Americans want to inspect Iranian ships as claimed by this resolution, we think it is piracy and this action will be dealt with, and the United States is responsible for the consequences."

Zarif also reiterated that such US actions, if carried out by them, are piracy because there is no 1929 resolution in the eyes of the international community. 

He said: "Of course, the Americans act like an extortionist bully standing on the street, who forces everyone to pay."

Zarif stressed that the Americans have done this before on ships that were not Iranian but were carrying Iranian cargo, but the officials of those ships complained to the Americans and as I said, if the Americans want to take this action, they will definitely face the reaction of Iran, and Iran has already reacted against the unrealistic actions of the United States.

"Now the Americans are saying that the three countries are hindering our hegemony: Iran, China and Russia, and of course they are wrong. The era of hegemony is over," Zarif said.

If these three countries do not stand against the US unilateralism, there are many other factors that stand against the United States; we have entered the post-American world, and it is difficult for the United States to accept these facts.

Zarif continued his interview by emphasizing that the people are the most important factor in our power, referring to the economic conditions of the people following the US pressure and sanctions and how the Iranian nation stands against these hardships.


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