Iran, self-sufficient in producing spare parts: Army Aviation commander

Tehran (IP) - "Today, the air force has reached a point where not only does it not need a country to produce parts for us, but we can also help friendly countries," the Islamic Republic of Iran Army Aviation commander stated.

Iran PressIran News: Regarding the air force activities of the army during the eight years of the holy defense, Commander of Iran's Army Aviation (Havanirooz) Brigadier-General Yousef Ghorbani expressed: "With the beginning of the imposed war, Iran's Army Aviation carried out large-scale operations in the west and southwest of the country."

Referring to the activities of Iran's Army Aviation in the imposed war, Qorbani stated that Iran's Army Aviation did something in than situation that surprised the enemy.

"Iran's Army Aviation played an irreplaceable role in the imposed war. Enemy tanks were the fat and soft morsel of Iran's Army Aviation, in a way that it destroyed more than 48 enemy tanks in one operation," he added.

He noted that Iran's Army Aviation had a unique role during the holy defense, adding: "You cannot find a large operation in the era of holy defense in which Iran's Army Aviation does not play an effective role. in many operations, ground routes were blocked by the enemy; at this time, our helicopters provided the way forward for the ground forces by conducting large and successful operations."

The commander of Iran's Army Aviation further referred to the progress of this unit after the imposed war and said: "At the beginning of the war, we had maybe 10 pilot instructors in 7 bases, but now we have the most and the best training instructors."

"Iran's Army Aviation personnel did not have the necessary conditions for education and training during the time of the Holy Defense, but they moved forward with the slogan 'We can'. It is noteworthy that Iran's Army Aviation participated in all operations and had no defeats; this was a great miracle."

Regarding various sanctions imposed by the enemy for 40 years, including military sanctions, Qorbani stated: "The helicopter system is very complex and difficult to maintain. Fortunately, today we have reached a point where not only do we not need any country to produce parts for us, but we can also help friendly countries and provide them with parts, and these achievements have been attained with the help of universities and knowledge-based companies."

Referring to other airborne developments, the commander expressed: "One of our concerns in previous years was a night flight. Only a few countries in the world can do this. Now the air force has reached a position where it can fly at night and reach the people when needed."


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