The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Pakistan said that Peace efforts in Afghanistan must be accompanied by the responsible withdrawal of foreign forces and the end of foreign intervention.

Iran Press/Asia: Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini, Iran's ambassador to Pakistan, on Thursday 17 September, in a statement wrote: "As in the past, Iran is ready to provide any assistance for the advancement of peace in Afghanistan and can share its experiences and capabilities with the Afghan brothers and sisters to achieve lasting peace in this country."

The statement said: "Intra-Afghan talks can pave the way for the expected peace. Therefore, we must make the most of this opportunity to end foreign intervention in Afghanistan so that the Afghan people themselves are allowed to decide their destiny freely.

Hosseini stressed that the responsible withdrawal of foreign forces, forming mutual trust between the negotiating parties in focusing on political solutions, can provide a promising prospect for the current dialogue process.

The Iranian ambassador to Pakistan also called for the preservation of the valuable achievements of the Afghan people, including the constitution, democratic structure, inclusive political participation, women's rights, and the rights of ethnic and religious minorities.


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