Tehran (IP)- Deputy Chairman of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Abbas Moqtadaei-Khorasgani said that Israel does not care about the people’s interests in the region, and seeks to sow discord for more domination in the region.

Iran PressIran News: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Moqtadaei-Khorasgani added, "The nations of the region also believe that the domineering powers are creating insecurity in the region and do not pay attention to the people’s interests."

Referring to the fact that governments with popular support will not accept foreign domination, Moqtadaei stated that the weakness of the Arab countries in the region is that they are not in line with the interests of their nations.

The United States also does not allow the nations of the region to interfere in government issues, and the US presence and its emphasis on Israel's presence in the region is a plunder of the interests of the nations, he noted.

Pointing to the fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran closely monitors the actions of the hegemonic powers, Moqtadaei-Khorasani went on to say that our neighboring countries should not sacrifice their interests for the benefits of the Zionist regime.

Arab countries should know that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always sought peace, security, and independence in the region, and the presence of the occupying Israeli regime in the region will lead to insecurity, he concluded.


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