Tehran (IP)- Border guards of Sardasht Border Regiment, northwestern Iran, and Sulaymaniyah of Iraq, emphasized the expansion of cooperation in the field of border security.

Iran Press/Iran News: Soleiman Bayrami, Commander of Sardasht Border Regiment, in a meeting with Brigadier General Amid Fakhreddin, Iraqi Border Sheriff in Sardasht on Wednesday, said that increasing interaction and bilateral cooperation is an important factor in resolving border problems, adding that "Efforts to increase interaction and mutual relations will lead to more stable and desirable security on the borders of the two countries."

Brigadier General Amid Fakhreddin also expressed satisfaction with the border cooperation between the two countries, stressing the need for more cooperation and interaction to resolve border problems. The two sides also signed a Memorandum of Understanding, emphasizing the strengthening of relations, mutual cooperation, and the opening of border markets.

The city of Sardasht, south of the province of West Azerbaijan, northwest of Iran, has a 100-kilometer border with Iraq.


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