Tehran (IP) - Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman criticized the UN Human Rights Council's report on Yemen and said juxtaposing Iran's name with the names of the arms suppliers for the Saudi aggressors in Yemen is totally wrong.

Iran PressIran News: Saeed Khatibzadeh said on Thursday that the report of the UN Human Rights Council ignores the pivotal role and immediate assistance of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the political settlement of the Yemeni crisis.
It is while the sale of arms by the United States and some Western countries, including Canada, to the Saudi coalition, is quite obvious, as its figures are published and available, Khatibzadeh pointed out.

Chairman of the Yemeni Revolution Supreme Committee, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi stated that most of the military vehicles and tanks which have been gotten of booty in war during the Yemenis' major operation in Najran, southern Saudi Arabia, are Canadian-made arms for which the country has yet not received any money from the Saudi regime.

Noting that some countries stopped or limited their arms sales to the Saudi regime for some time under the human rights bodies' pressure, he noted that the bitter truth is that the lucrative arms trade has led to the disregard of the international and moral obligations of these countries, and their weapons are being used to kill the Yemeni people and destroy their country's infrastructure, such that now the biggest humanitarian catastrophe is going on in Yemen by the Saudi coalition and its arms suppliers.
Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman also referred to the Saudi regime's severe blockade of Yemen and the repetition of the regime's name and destructive role in the report, stressing that the inhumane siege has even prevented the delivery of Iranian humanitarian aid to Yemen, and therefore the claim of Iranian arms aid is fundamentally false and there is no proven document in this regard.

Backed by the United States, the Saudi regime and some of its Arab allies invaded Yemen in 2015 and have enforced a strict blockade of the country by ground, air, and sea ever since.


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