Tehran (IP) - In a message, the Leader of the Islamic Revolutionو Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei condemned the insult of the French weekly Charlie Hebdo to the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Iran PressIran news: Ayatollah Khamenei in this message on Tuesday condemned the recent insult of a French publication to the reverence of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

The text of the message of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution is as follows:

In the name of God,

The great and unforgivable sin of a French publication in insulting the enlightened and holy face of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) once again revealed the evil animosity and hatred of the political and cultural institutions of the Western world in the face of Islam and the Muslim community.

The excuse of freedom of expression for not condemning this great crime, uttered by some French politicians, is completely rejected, wrong, and demagogic. The deeply anti-Islamic policies of the Zionists and the arrogant governments are the cause of such hostile moves, which occur occasionally.

This move at this juncture could also be a motive to distract the minds of the nations and governments of West Asia from the sinister plans that the United States and the Zionist Regime have in mind for this region. Muslim nations, especially in West Asia, must never forget the hostility of Western politicians and leaders towards Islam and Muslims, while maintaining vigilance regarding the issues of this sensitive region.

'Charlie Hebdo' magazine has republished insulting caricatures of Islam's Holy Prophet (PBUH) in a new impudence last Tuesday.      


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