Yemen warns of Saudi use of Al-Qaeda

Sana'a (IP) – Deputy Foreign Minister of Yemen's National Salvation Government warned over the presence of Al-Qaeda terrorists among the forces of the Saudi coalition and Yemen's fugitive ex-president Mansour Hadi.

Iran PressMiddle East: Hussain al-Ezzi warned in a tweet on Friday that the use of Al-Qaeda terrorists by the Saudi regime and Mansour Hadi in Ma'rib, the center of Yemen, will lead to a tragedy no party may avoid its consequences. 

This week, a large number of Al-Qaeda terrorist elements arrived in the city of Ma'rib to fight in the ranks of the Saudi coalition forces.

The Al-Qaeda elements entered the camps of the Saudi coalition and Mansour Hadi's forces.

It is not the first time that Mansour Hadi's forces have resorted to Daesh and Al-Qaeda terrorist elements to carry out operations in the southern regions of Yemen after a series of defeats they suffered in the Yemeni fronts. 


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