China rejects US accusation on militarizing South China Sea

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman has denied US allegations that Beijing militarized the South China Sea.

Iran PressAsia: Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Li Jian told reporters in Beijing on Thursday that construction on the South China Sea islands is within the country's territory and has nothing to do with militarism.

A spokesman for China's foreign ministry said that US sanctions against Chinese companies are unfair and illegal, adding that the US move is as interference in China's internal affairs.

The US government has announced that it is placing 24 Chinese companies on its sanctions list for participating in the 'militarization' of artificial islands in the South China Sea.

Recently, tensions have increased between Beijing and Washington over some issues such as the US Secretary of Health's visit to Taiwan, US President Donald Trump's claims about China's meddling and involvement in the upcoming presidential election, the Hong Kong region, and the coronavirus.    207/219

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