Tehran (IP) - Iranian knowledge-based companies have exported over 800 million dollars in 2019, the official figures by Iran's Customs and the relevant institutes indicate.

Iran PressIran news: Director-General of the Office of International Development and Business in Iran's Vice Presidency of Science and Technology said that the services and products of the knowledge-based companies in different areas including content production, developing mobile applications, writing software, as well as technological research in IT. 

Rouhollah Estiri noted that that the 800-million-dollar export is the result of the effort of 400 Iranian knowledge-based companies.  

"Out of about 5000 knowledge-based companies in Iran, 1500 are active in IT field 1,000 of them are capable of exporting and bringing currency to the country based on assessments made," he added. 

According to the report, the largest amount of exports of Iranian knowledge-based companies go to Iraq, Russia, Afghanistan, and Syria, and this year, some countries in the Persian Gulf, Austria, and China are in the Iranian companies' special program for exporting IT products.


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