Bandar Abbas (IP)- The Khalij-e-Fars port is the most important oil port in Iran as an oil wharf in the Shahid Rajaee's Port Special Economic Zone in Hormozgan province, with 12 wharves for mooring tankers.

Iran Press/Iran news: Shahid Rajaee's Port Complex, with its unique geographical location, is located at the closest point to the Strait of Hormuz and the entrance to the Persian Gulf.

The Port is the most important gateway for import and export of the Islamic Republic of Iran due to its short distance from the main intercontinental route of ships in the Persian Gulf region and is located at the intersection of the North-South transit corridor.

Shahid Rajaee's Port Special Economic Zone, with an area of ??2,400 hectares, with the capacity of 100 million tons of goods per year, will play the most valuable and effective role in the prosperity of Iran's national economy and the distribution of goods.


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