Iran always supports integrity, independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Iranian ambassador to Sarajevo said that expanding bilateral relations, supporting the independence, integration, stability and sincere coexistence of all ethnic groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the permanent stance of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding that country.


Iran Press/Europe: At the end of his mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Tuesday, Mahmoud Heydari, Iran's ambassador to Sarajevo, met with Šefik D?aferovi?, chairman of the Presidential Council, and presented a report on the achievements in advancing relations between the two countries in various dimensions.

He said: "The support of the chairman of the Presidential Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina has played a significant role in the development of relations between Tehran and Sarajevo."

Šefik D?aferovi? also reminded the Iranian government and people of their support for the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, saying: "the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina greatly appreciate the help of the Iranian people."

The chairman of the Presidential Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina expressed satisfaction with the growing trend of relations between Tehran and Sarajevo in political, economic, and cultural dimensions.

He also appreciated the activities of the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to promote relations between the two countries.


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