Aug 02, 2020 20:58 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 09, 2020 21:47 Asia/Tehran]
  • Bosnian senior MPs stress expanding ties with Iran

Sarajevo (IP) - Bosnian senior parliamentary officials in their meetings with Iran's ambassador to Sarajevo stressed their supports of Iran and Bosnia Herzegovina's relations, particularly in parliamentary and economic ties.

Iran Press/Europe: At the meetings and on the beginning of his mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mahmoud Heydari stressed establishing good relations with various segments of the Bosnian people especially with scientific, cultural, and media personalities, as well as constructive relations with the leaders of ethnic and religious groups in the country as an important approach of the Iranian embassy in Sarajevo, besides official relations.

He said his country, as its permanent stance, supports Bosnia and Herzegovina's independence, sovereignty, stability, and territorial integrity. 

The Bosnian senior officials for their part appreciated Iran's helps to their country during the 1990s wars and said the Bosnians never forget the help. 

They also appreciated the Iranian ambassador's effective efforts in expanding political, economic, and cultural ties between the two countries and expressed hope that with the new Iranian Parliament formed, further parliamentary friendship groups are formed.   

The Bosnian parties considered areas such as health tourism, sports, and nature as among the areas where Bosnia has good facilities and expressed their hope that friendly and growing relations between the two countries in all areas return to its former course with the coronavirus crisis passed over.


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