Pakistan pays back Saudi billion dollar loan

The Pakistani government is repaying a $ 1 billion loan from Saudi Arabia.

Iran Press/Asia: According to Geo TV, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, who in recent days has sharply criticized the silence of Saudi leaders over the killing of Kashmiri Muslims by the Indian military, announced the repayment of a $ 1 billion Saudi loan to Islamabad.

Pakistani Foreign Minister also said: "Riyadh is indifferent to the issue of Indian-controlled Kashmir."

Experts say Saudi Arabia is unwilling to talk over the Indian controlled Kashmir region and the plight of its Muslims due to common interests with India.

India has been occupying parts of Kashmir for years, deploying thousands of troops, and killing tens of thousands over the past three decades.

The people of Kashmir are calling for the implementation of a long-approved UN Security Council resolution on holding a referendum to determine the status of the region, but the Indian government has always opposed the move.


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