The Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Iran to international organizations in Vienna called on IAEA to clarify Riyadh's secret nuclear program.

Iran Press/Europe: Kazem Gharibabadi reminded that Saudi Arabia is developing and implementing a very non-transparent nuclear program, adding, "Despite the fact that Saudi Arabia is a member of NPT and has a comprehensive bilateral safeguard agreement in place with the Agency, but still refuses to accept the agency's safeguards inspections, and despite repeated requests for several years, Saudi Arabia has not allowed inspections." 

Gharibabadi added that Saudi Arabia does not have any active research reactor to produce yellowcake, stating, "this issue along with the secret actions of Saudis in the nuclear field and not allowing inspections, as well as its destabilizing activities in the region, raise concerns about a covert nuclear weapons program in the country."

Gharibabadi stressed that governments and IAEA must make it clear to Saudi Arabia that the international community will not accept any deviation from a peaceful nuclear program and will confront it.

"If Saudi Arabia seeks the peaceful use of nuclear energy, it must accept the relevant commitments of the IAEA and act in full transparency," he added. The New York Times previously reported that Saudi Arabia was developing its first nuclear facility.


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